Translation Services FAQs |

The burgeoning rise of globalization has also led to a sharp increase in translation service companies. It has become a necessity for companies, who want to break into the international market to have well translated documents. However, companies who are still on the fence on whether to hire a translator have numerous questions in mind. Here are some of frequently asked questions regarding translation services -Question: Are translators and interpreters the same?Although, both jobs are rooted in communication and language, these are technically two very different career paths. Translators convert or adapt a written text or document into another language, while maintaining the exact same meaning as the initial language. Interpreters, on the other hand, deal with verbal communication that involves two different languages.Question: What can professional translation services do for a company?Companies can enjoy countless benefits by having their documents or content translated to different languages. Some benefits are -* Gives clients the opportunity to get their views or ideas across in different languages.* Allows more people access to documents or texts that were initially written in a different language.* Sales and website traffic can increase by translating positive reviews and description of a company’s products or services.* Improves a company’s image and makes it more attractive to the market by providing documents or texts that follow the style or terminology of the target audience.Question: What qualities should you look for in a professional translator?Translating documents to another language is a challenging process. It is not just simply translating one word and then moving on to the next word. Each word and sentence has to be translated in such a way, so that the context and connotations used in the original document remain intact. An expert translator knows how to do this and is aware of the possible problems that might arise and how to solve these. When choosing a translator, look for the following characteristics -* Has the appropriate training and experience* Proficient in two or more languages* Good understanding of the topic* Talent for conveying the ideas in the original language into the appropriate or equal expression in another language* Has a good understanding and sensitivity of the two concerned cultures* Pays attention to detail* Adept at researchingQuestion: How much will hiring a translator cost?How much a freelance translator or a translation service company charges depends on the length and complexity of the project. It is impractical and impossible to have a base rate for translation jobs, since each project differs in length, type, topic and deadline. Bear in mind that quality translations also mean that the cost might get high. However, it is better to invest in good translations to ensure that your company or products are well represented.Question: How long does translating a document take?This will depend on the type of document to be translated. The process of translating documents demands a rigid attention to details. A rough estimate for a project is 7-10 pages a day, but this changes based on the length and difficulty of the task. For instance, translating a product description is very different than translating a technical manual.The above mentioned FAQs are aimed at acquainting the companies with translation services and how these services can benefit in their growth and expansion, thus making it easier for them to hire a credible company to serve their translation needs.